A moment of recognition

Last week, we here at Deans for Impact celebrated the one-year anniversary of our launch. It’s a timely moment, then, to recognize three of our founding members and welcome a new member dean.

Since some of the earliest conversations about Deans for Impact, Bill McDiarmid, Linda Patriarca, and David Steiner have contributed to the group their wisdom, their boundless optimism, and their belief in the potential of great educator preparation to improve the lives of kids. Recently, Bill, Linda, and David each stepped down from their deanships and, thus, from active membership in Deans for Impact. We’re sad to lose them as active members, but excited that Deans for Impact will continue to benefit from their knowledge and insights in their new capacities as DFI advisors.

While it’s impossible to fill the enormous shoes of Bill, Linda, and David, we will certainly try!

Towards that end, we are thrilled that Ellen McIntyre, dean of the College of Education at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, is joining Deans for Impact as our newest member dean.

Dean McIntyre brings to Deans for Impact a wealth of knowledge and experience – and a deep commitment to the organization’s guiding principles. Her background both in education preparation and in K-12 education – she was an elementary teacher earlier in her career – will deepen and complement the existing expertise of Deans for Impact’s member deans.

We’ll be back next week with a Q&A with Dean McIntyre, so stayed tuned to learn more about her background, the pivotal moments that have shaped her approach to educator preparation and more.

The past year has been an incredible one for Deans for Impact. As we look ahead to our second year, we are poised to continue and expand our work – and are excited to share that work here on the our blog.

Charis Anderson

Senior Director of Communications

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