Five questions for David Steiner

David Steiner leads the Institute for Education Policy at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education and is also a professor at the university’s School of Education. The Institute will offer research-based direction to policy makers to aid in the development of more effective approaches to educational practice. Steiner is the former dean of the Hunter College School of Education.

What was your first role working in education?
Advising the U.S. Navy Department on upward mobility program structures for talented deck-force sailors to enable them to advance, potentially, to NCO and officer ranks.

What is one pivotal moment in your career in educator preparation that left a positive impact on you or others?
Receiving purple-prose responses to my survey of readings in courses required for teacher certification at Schools of Education.

Why did you decide to join Deans for Impact?
The pace of change in our profession is glacially slow (at least pre-global warming). Finally there is a group that is trying to speed it up – in the right direction.

What most excites you about the opportunity to transform the field of educator preparation in the years ahead?
The chance to link program design to teacher impact in the classroom.

What is one surprising thing that everyone should know about the program you lead?
That on a conservative count, our graduates since 2005 have taught over a half-million K-12 students.

Editor’s Note: This post is part of an ongoing series featuring Q&As with all the member deans of Deans for Impact.

David Steiner

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