Impact Academy’s fourth cohort launches yearlong fellowship

This week at Deans for Impact we are excited to welcome the fourth cohort of 2019 Impact Academy fellows to Austin as they begin their yearlong fellowship! This cohort of leaders brings a deep commitment to improving teacher preparation. These 19 inspiring leaders come from preparation programs that collectively enroll over 7,600 candidates across 12 states. Two lead programs that are non-traditional pathways to teaching, and four lead programs at Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs). 

Learning during the Impact Academy fellowship is organized around four themes:

  • Story of Self: Who am I and what do I value?  How do others perceive me? What’s my role as leader?
  • Story of Us: Who are our partners?  What values do we share? What kind of teachers do we want to prepare together?
  • Our Commitments:  Why is our work urgent? How do I energize and involve people to take action?
  • Evidence and Impact:  What impact do we want to have? What will it look like if we are successful? How will we help others use evidence to improve?

This week, fellows will begin to explore these themes together and construct their own vision for improved candidate preparation. They will grapple with case studies about aligning stakeholders around a common instructional vision, engaging partners authentically in the preparation of teachers, and creating a culture of improvement. Fellows will have time to get feedback on a problem of practice they bring while building a community of professional support. Throughout the coming year fellows will receive coaching from veteran deans and apply their learning back in their own contexts. 

As this new cohort begins their fellowship year together, we asked a few members of last year’s cohort to share some of their hopes for this new class. Here’s what we heard from them:

“My advice for members of the next cohort is to be present, to take advantage of the space provided for reflection, and to make the most of the experience….”

“Make your time at Impact Academy the beginning (not the end) of an ongoing commitment to professional learning and continuous improvement….We have the awesome (and daunting) responsibility of overseeing the development and preparation of future teachers, teacher educators, and education leaders – work that ultimately impacts the quality of education we as a society are able to deliver to students and their families.”

We are excited to learn from this year’s cohort of leaders and support them on their year-long fellowship journey.

Valerie Sakimura

Vice President of Program

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