An introduction to our brand refresh

New logo introduction

Notice something different? Our updated visual brand identity conveys a new look and feel that more accurately reflects our growing network and current priorities.


In 2015, Deans for Impact launched with an unwavering commitment to ensure that every child in this country is taught by well-prepared teachers. At the time, our work focused primarily on convening solutions-oriented education deans. Together, these leaders were eager to strengthen the way they prepare future teachers.

Nearly eight years later, bringing education leaders together to enact transformative change for teachers and students continues to be a priority. Our Impact Academy fellowship and other key initiatives support, convene, and elevate the diverse voices and experiences of educator-preparation leaders to champion educational equity and make pedagogy a priority within their programs. 

At the same time, we’ve expanded our reach and now partner with program faculty, clinical educators, teachers, school and district leaders, and policymakers across more than 30 states. Our work focuses intently on the instructional details that make great teachers, in service of fostering learning environments that affirm, challenge, and empower students. We believe leaders at all levels must be engaged in this generational effort to transform teaching and learning.


DFI new logomark, a progressive curveToday, we’re excited to introduce our updated visual brand identity, which more accurately reflects our growing network and current priorities. This includes a change in our logomark from a fountain pen – which has often struck many as archaic – to a curve suggesting movement-building, learning, action, and growth.

You’ll also see more frequent use of our acronym “DFI,” reflecting the expansion of our work beyond just deans of colleges of education. Additionally, our broader color palette reflects our pragmatic nature of rooting teacher preparation in scientific evidence-based practices, while also being evocative of the innovation and optimism we aim to embody as we pursue our mission. These are a few of the design updates you may notice as you browse our channels.

As we welcome a new executive director and look to the next chapter of our organizational story, we remain grounded in our core values and commitments. More than ever, our nation’s students need excellent teachers who can honor and support them as learners and as the future leaders of our country. Guided by principles of learning science, we aim to equip these teachers with the tools to create rigorous, equitable and inclusive classrooms – so that all children thrive.

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