Our Approach

Deans for Impact supports leaders in educator preparation who want to transform their programs to create rigorous, coherent experiences for every teacher-candidate they prepare.

This transformation involves multiple pieces. Leaders within a program should develop a shared vision for change, put systems in place that will support organizational learning, and lead improvement efforts. These efforts should be informed by the four essential “building blocks” of effective teacher preparation – modeling, practice, feedback, and alignment – that draw upon scientific learning principles. We intentionally design our professional learning opportunities to allow leaders to share challenges, test ideas, receive feedback, and ultimately apply what they learn within their unique local contexts.



What We Do

Through workshops, fellowships, and customized support, we bring together educator-preparation leaders to learn how to better prepare teacher-candidates for the realities of the classroom.

Impact Academy Fellowship

The Impact Academy is a year-long fellowship for deans of educator-preparation programs. The program combines intensive in-person learning experiences with ongoing coaching and mentorship from veteran members of Deans for Impact. The application period runs from late January to early March, and accepted deans will begin their fellowship in July. For more details, please contact John Roberts at jroberts@deansforimpact.org.

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Building Blocks workshops

Our Building Blocks workshops are open to teams of program leaders and teacher-educators who want to create cohesive, well-designed experiences for teacher-candidates in their programs. A typical program team might include the director of teacher education, the director of clinical placements, a member of the methods faculty, and a faculty supervisor – in other words, anyone who is closely involved in the teacher-candidate experience. We plan to offer these workshops in the spring and fall every year. Program leaders and teacher-educators interested in attending a future Building Blocks workshop should contact Terri Gierke at tgierke@deansforimpact.org.

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Customized Support

In certain circumstances, we provide customized support to leaders and programs who want to transform educator preparation. This can include convening a community of practice, customizing our workshops, or other targeted support. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Valerie Sakimura at vsakimura@deansforimpact.org.

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