Impact Academy

The Impact Academy equips fellows to lead educator-preparation programs that are more data-informed and outcomes-focused. Hear directly from a fellow and member dean facilitator about the benefits of Impact Academy.



The Impact Academy Experience

Impact Academy, built in collaboration with member deans, will increase the leadership skills of fellows through an initial in-person experience and on-going support from their peers and experienced deans.

Fellows participating in Impact Academy will achieve four primary objectives:

  • Fellows will develop a deeper sense of self as leader, including better understanding their context, values, and biases.
  • Fellows will refine a vision for an educator-preparation program grounded in Deans for Impact’s guiding principles.
  • Fellows will develop leadership competencies for identifying and implementing processes, structures, and systems that promote individual and organizational learning.
  • Fellows will learn strategies to manage individuals and organizations through improvement efforts in educator preparation.

Program Components
Over the course of the year-long fellowship, fellows will participate in in-person sessions, receive ongoing leadership coaching, and develop a plan to improve their educator-preparation programs.

  • Fellows will convene for two in-person sessions: a four-day session in July 2017 and a one-day session in July 2018.
  • Fellows will bring a problem of practice from their home institution, diagnose their own leadership capacity, engage in case-study discussions, and then develop a plan to address that problem of practice.
  • Fellows will build professional relationships with experienced member deans and develop a network of peers committed to improving educator preparation.
  • Fellows will receive ongoing leadership coaching and support from both member deans and peers during the year.



Impact Academy Fellows 2017

In 2017, we welcomed 17 fellows into the second Impact Academy cohort. Our 2017 fellows come from programs in 13 different states and Washington D.C., and together their programs enroll about 7,400 teacher-candidates. Each fellow is coming to Impact Academy because he or she wants to engage with a network of like-minded deans on how to create data-informed and outcomes-focused cultures within their programs.

See the 2017 Impact Academy Fellows


Previous Cohorts

The inaugural Impact Academy, which began in summer 2016, welcomed 11 fellows from diverse institutions. Watch the video below to hear about their experience.

See the 2016 Impact Academy Fellows



Interested in Participating in the next Impact Academy?

We are looking for applicants who are motivated to improve the preparation of teachers, have demonstrated an alignment with our guiding principles, and are strongly oriented towards learning alongside others. If this sounds like you, please complete this form for more information.

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I’m leaving [the Impact Academy] a better person than when I entered.

Dr. Anthony Graham

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