I have been the Dean of the College of Education & Human Services at Rider University in New Jersey for the past two years, and was Associate Dean for two years prior to that. My college has 25 full-time and 65 adjunct faculty who prepare approximately 350 undergraduate and 650 graduate students across fifty programs in teacher education, counseling, school psychology, school and organizational leadership, and nursing. Prior to Rider University, I served as a tenured faculty member, department chair, and associate dean at Monmouth University’s School of Education, also in New Jersey. I have served in administrative roles at mid-sized, private institutions for the past fifteen; the majority of my higher education career. I am a developmental psychologist with an interest in social-cognitive development in children and adolescents. My research has focused on the development of empathy and the specific role the school culture can play in promoting empathy and prosocial behavior in children and adolescents.

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