As Relay’s dean, Mayme Hostetter leads Relay’s New York City campus and manages Relay’s deans in Chicago, Delaware, Houston, and New Orleans. Mayme began her teaching career at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, where she was an English teacher, coach, and dean. Mayme joined Relay as the founding Director of Teaching and Learning. She earned an A.B. from Harvard College and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she was an Urban Scholars Fellow in the Mind, Brain and Education program. She is a doctoral candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University.

I’m sold on the power of rehearsing teaching in the presence of experts.

Why did you decide to join Deans for Impact?

We need better shared measures of the efficacy of teacher preparation programs, so that we can learn from one another and improve at far faster rates.

What is one pivotal moment in your career in educator preparation that left a positive impact on you or others?

Having seen the steep learning curves associated with deliberate practice of particular teaching skills for our residents and least experienced graduate students, I’m sold on the power of rehearsing teaching in the presence of experts.

What most excites you about the opportunity to transform the field of educator preparation in the years ahead?

I now have several of my former eighth grade students as master’s students at Relay. I’m excited for 10 years from now, when they become our newest professors, and Deans for Impact and others have made it clear what great teacher preparation looks like, how you measure it, and the positive outcomes it’s associated with for kids everywhere.

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