Time to Choose

The history of the United States is a history of white supremacy, manifested in part through the use of state power to assault and terrorize Black Americans. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of George Floyd while our minds must recognize that his killing is a product of this long and sordid reality.

The history of the United States is also a history of inspirational struggle for justice and equality. “Through centuries of black resistance and protest,” Nikole Hannah-Jones wrote last year, “we have helped the country live up to its founding ideals.” The protests taking place right now across this country are adding another chapter to our national story. Our history is being written.

In the days ahead, racist forces in this country will robe themselves in the language of “law and order” to justify continued oppression of Black Americans and those marching with them. But antiracist forces will continue to push back, to agitate, to demand reform, and ultimately to fight for America not as it is now, but as it might one day become.

It is time to choose.

We choose antiracism.

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