We have a new website!

Welcome to Total Makeover: Deans for Impact Website Edition! As frequent visitors know, things are looking different around here. That’s because today we launched our brand new website!

We’re pretty excited about the new site for a whole range of reasons. For one, we think the fresh new look better captures the culture of our organization. But more importantly, the new site will function much better for you, our readers. Here are a few of the changes we’re most excited about:  

More content, easier to find. We’ve added more content to the site, on things like Impact Academy, and we’ve made that content easier to find. Not only have we improved the site map to make navigation more intuitive, we’ve also pulled some of our most popular content, like The Science of Learning, right into the navigation bar. We’ve also added a search function that will allow you to comb the site for exactly the term or topic in which you’re most interested.

Interested in this? Then try this. On the new site, we can recommend additional content that you might be interested in, based on your initial choices. Did you head right to the From Chaos to Coherence landing page? Well then maybe you’d like to read some of our policy-related blog posts. On most pages on the site, you can look to the right side bar to see our suggestions for related content.

Increased engagement. We’ve made it much easier for you to engage with our work. Every blog post and resource landing page will have social-share buttons that allow you to take what you learned on the site and share it with your own network. We’ve also made it much easier to sign up for our newsletter, so you can stay informed about what we’re up to, and to follow us on our social networks.

Highlighting what’s new. Maybe you’re a frequent visitor to our website, and you just want to know what’s new or important. The home page is for you: it allows us to highlight our most recent content along with important programs or publications.

There’s lots more to see and experience with the new site, so we hope you take some time to explore! If you have any questions, or see something that doesn’t seem to be working quite right, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Charis Anderson

Senior Director of Communications

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