We champion policies to attract, prepare and support a diverse educator workforce. This includes expanding pathways into teaching that are affordable, practice-based, and focused on instructional decision-making grounded in science. Equitable and inclusive systems foster equitable and inclusive classrooms, where all students thrive.

Since 2015, we have worked with leaders of over 150 educator-preparation programs across 42 states to transform how they prepare future teachers. These leaders are at the forefront of efforts to not only improve the quality of their programs, but also reduce barriers that have stood in the way of aspiring teachers completing clinically-rich, practice-based programs. To strengthen and diversify pipelines into teaching, programs are:

  • Mobilizing teacher-candidates as high-dosage tutors
  • Deepening partnerships with K-12 school to expand residency programs 
  • Trailblazing use of the Department of Labor’s registered apprenticeship designation
  • Piloting experimental Federal Work Study programs

Each of these efforts stems from a significant body of research into the importance of intentionally-designed and expertly-supported practice opportunities to develop beginning teacher effectiveness.

We advocate for federal and state policies that make more of these practices possible, financially-sustainable, and focused on instructional quality. Check out our Policy Resources page for ways that states can support program quality and professional preparation.


Policy Networks

Aspiring Teachers as Tutors Network (ATTN)

The ATTN is a national collaborative of 22 tutoring initiatives representing 13 states. Collectively, these programs share a vision for increasing the number of aspiring teachers serving as tutors for K-12 students, and improving teacher-candidates’ instructional skills through field experiences and training.

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How to Get Involved

We are eager to work with educator-preparation leaders who are committed to transforming educator preparation and elevating the teaching profession. To learn more about our policy and advocacy work and how to get involved, please contact Patrick Steck at psteck@deansforimpact.org.

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