We believe that our educator-preparation system is poised to demonstrate its value like never before. But lasting transformation requires sustainable policy changes and public support. Alongside our member deans and Impact Academy fellows, we advocate for policies to create conditions that will catalyze improvement efforts across the entire field. Our policy work focuses on:

  • Mobilizing leaders of educator-preparation programs to be vocal advocates for program quality and professional preparation;
  • Improving the access these leaders have to important outcomes data, including the performance and retention of their graduates; and
  • Urging states to adopt quality measures of teacher-candidate knowledge and skills, including those used in our Common Indicator System.

Read our report, Leading by Collaborating, to learn more about our work with the Louisiana Department of Education to strengthen the capacity of the state’s teacher education programs for the rigors of more ambitious academic content.

And check out our Policy Resources page for ways that states can support program quality and professional preparation.


How to Get Involved

We are eager to work with educator-preparation leaders who are committed to transforming educator preparation and elevating the teaching profession. To learn more about our policy and advocacy work and how to get involved, please contact Patrick Steck at psteck@deansforimpact.org.


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