Year in review – and a look ahead to 2017

2016 was an interesting year to be sure. But here at Deans for Impact, we had a lot to be proud of: our involvement in the release of the new Title II regulations; the hiring of six new staff members, including Dean-in-Residence Cassandra Herring; the launch of our new website; the addition of two new member deans; work by member-led programs to implement The Science of Learning; and the release of our policy brief, From Chaos to Coherence.

But even with all we’ve accomplished over the past year, 2017 looks to be an even bigger year for us. Some highlights:

In July, we’ll host the second cohort of Fellows for our education-preparation leadership experience, Impact Academy. It’s sort of like the academy in X-Men, but it’s not housed in a mansion. Superpowers are welcome, though. Sign up for more information here.

Tomorrow, we’ll release our latest publication, Practice with Purpose: The Emerging Science of Teacher Expertise. Co-written by Peak author Anders Ericsson, Practice with Purpose explores how deliberate practice — practice that is purposeful and designed to maximize improvement — can be applied to teacher-preparation.

This March, we’ll drive the 12 or so blocks from our office to the Austin Convention Center for the annual South by Southwest Edu conference. Our own Benjamin Riley will debate the National Center for Teacher Quality’s Kate Walsh in what’s sure to be an invigorating and exciting debate on whether we need less innovation in education. There will be buttals, rebuttals, and, if we’re being honest, breakfast tacos.

And throughout 2017, our Dean-in-Residence Cassandra Herring will continue her work leading the formation of a national collaborative of educator-preparation programs at minority-serving institutions. Read more on that here.

We have lots of irons in the fire, pans in the oven, and kettles on the burners, so make sure you keep up with us throughout the year. Follow us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter!

David Kallison

Communications Associate

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