Our Mission

Our mission is to improve student-learning outcomes by changing the way this country prepares teachers. Our members are united behind a shared vision for a transformed educator-preparation system that graduates teachers prepared to measurably improve student learning.

Within a generation, we will have:

  • Elevated the national perception of the teaching profession and educator preparation.
  • Demonstrated that programs can consistently prepare all educators to be good on day one, and great over time.
  • Positioned the United States as an international leader in preparing effective educators.



Our Team

Our staff is passionate about transforming educator preparation and represents diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We also have an abiding love for food trucks.




Our Member Deans

Our members believe that improvement in educator preparation will occur by design, not by accident. They collectively advocate for the value of educator preparation, and they push for innovative changes at the program, institutional, state and national levels.

Our Member Deans

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