Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every child is taught by a well-prepared teacher. Our vision is a transformed education system that equips teachers with the tools to create rigorous, equitable, and inclusive classrooms–so that all children thrive.

Within a generation, we will have:

  • Elevated the national perception of the teaching profession and educator preparation.
  • Demonstrated that programs can consistently prepare all educators to be good on day one, and great over time.
  • Positioned the United States as an international leader in preparing exceptional educators.

Since our founding in 2015, our efforts have grown to include hundreds of teacher-educators, administrative leaders, school partners, and policymakers. Instead of making grand pronouncements, these leaders have been doing the hard but vital work of ensuring that every child is taught by a well-prepared teacher. Louder Than Words tells a few of their stories through the lens of our work and mission.


Our Team

Photo of Deans for Impact staff
Our staff is passionate about transforming educator preparation and represents diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We also have an abiding love for food trucks.

Learn about the values that guide our work.




Impact Academy Fellows

Deans for Impact has supported 115 educator-preparation leaders over the past seven years through our Impact Academy fellowship. These fellows are committed to making pedagogy a priority within their programs and advocating for more equitable systems of teaching and learning.


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