Building Blocks Workshop

The Building Blocks workshop supports teams of programs leaders, teacher-educators, and K-12 district partners to create rigorous, coherent experiences for teacher-candidates based on design elements common to effective programs: modeling, practice, feedback, and alignment. The October workshop will focus on modeling, feedback, and alignment.

The workshop uses a framework that is informed by qualitative research conducted at 18 educator-preparation programs and draws on scientific learning principles.

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Workshop Overview

During a two-day Building Blocks workshop, participating teams will:

  • Use the Building Blocks framework, and related tools and protocols, to assess program strengths and areas for improvement;
  • Imagine and design ways to improve teacher-candidate learning, drawing on concrete strategies used by other programs;
  • Develop improvement plans grounded in proven strategies for organizational learning and change leadership; and
  • Build relationships with peers from other programs.

For more information on the Building Blocks framework, click here.


Who Should Attend

The Building Blocks workshop is designed for teams of three to five leaders who are involved in the teacher-candidate experience. We encourage teams to include leaders with a mix of positions and perspectives (e.g., administrative leaders, clinical directors, program directors, department chairs, and teacher-educators including faculty, supervisors, and cooperating teachers or other school and district partners). We have found that teams focused on one program (e.g, elementary education) often have more productive experiences than teams focused on multiple programs at their institution.

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