We advocate for policies that help educator-preparation programs get the information they need to improve program quality and the experiences of teacher-candidates.

We believe the U.S. educator-preparation system is poised to demonstrate its value like never before. And while policy alone can’t drive this improvement process, we believe that policy can provide actionable data, support and tools to help those at the front line of our education system succeed.

Our policy work is focused on creating conditions at the state and federal level that will support the work our members and other educator-preparation leaders are doing to transform how this country prepares teachers. That means better access to data and additional flexibility for programs that commit to meeting certain outcomes goals.


Our Policy Initiatives

Our policy agenda contains two primary recommendations. First, states should provide educator-preparation programs with better data on the performance of their graduates. Second, states should recognize programs that are willing to be held responsible for producing effective educators.

From Chaos to Coherence

Educator-preparation programs need access to data on the performance of their graduates – and policy has a role to play in helping them get the information they need.

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We are in a time where, with strategic action, we can make real movement to have teaching become a truly clinical profession.

Kenneth M. Coll

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