The Science of Learning

The Science of Learning summarizes existing cognitive-science research on how students learn, and connects it to practical implications for teaching. The report is a resource for teacher-educators, new teachers, and anyone in the education profession who is interested in how learning takes place.

Deans for Impact believes all teacher-candidates should know the cognitive-science principles explored in The Science of Learning. And all educators, including new teachers, should be able to connect those principles to their practical implications for the classroom.

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The Science of Learning

What do we know about how students learn and what does that mean for how we teach? That’s what The Science of Learning seeks to answer.

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The Science of Learning Supporters

Deans for Impact appreciates the support of the following individuals and organizations for The Science of Learning.


Learning by Scientific Design Network

Started in 2019 and building off The Science of Learning, this network asks its ten participating programs to reimagine and redesign the arc of teacher-candidate experiences to ensure candidates are prepared with our best scientific understanding of how students learn.

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The Science of Early Learning: This report summarizes current cognitive-science research related to how young children — from birth to age eight — develop skills across three domains: agency, literacy, and numeracy.

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The Content of ThinkingThis multimedia publication explores how programs can prepare beginning teachers to teach challenging academic content.

Learning by Scientific Design Podcast: This four-episode series explores program faculty and mentor-teacher experiences of putting learning science into practice.

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