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Working in common to build the Common Indicators System Network

By: Tracey Weinstein

For the last two years, more than 50 faculty and program leaders from 12 educator-preparation programs have worked in partnership with Deans for Impact to collectively investigate how to better prepare aspiring teachers through what we’re calling the Common Indicators System (CIS) Network. Participants in the CIS Network are now gearing up for our first-ever Inquiry Institute, where they’ll engage in cross-institutional inquiry into data on more than 3,500 teacher candidates, 500 program graduates, and 100 employers across four common indicators, and develop plans to inform improvement when they return to their institutions.

The elusive evidence of educator-prep program effectiveness…exists!

By: Benjamin Riley

“You can find evidence to support whatever you want.” It’s a common refrain heard in policy circles – but what happens when the evidence appears to say nothing at all? While one recent study appears to suggest that educator-preparation programs do not vary meaningfully in their performance – and thus data on performance should not be used for policy decisions – a more nuanced understanding of the interrelationship between research, policy, and practice may lead to a more nuanced conclusion.

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